About I-ASC

I-ASC is an association composed of individuals from the nonspeaking and neurodiverse communities; their families; trained practitioners; and informed allies. I-ASC is committed to ensuring access to effective communication that supports agency and autonomy for nonspeaking, minimally and unreliably speaking individuals.

The mission of I-ASC is to advance communication access for nonspeaking individuals globally through training, education, advocacy and research. 
 I-ASC supports all forms of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) with a focus on methods of spelling and typing. I-ASC currently offers Practitioner training in Spelling to Communicate (S2C) with the hope that other methods of AAC using spelling or typing will join our association. 


My New Life with Communication

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The ABC of S2C = AAC!

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From Our Community

I-ASC is guided by the lived experiences and expertise of our community.

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