2021 Ambassadors

Oratile Pheko "The Voice Finder"

Oratile has been spelling for just over a year now. Just eight years old, he was the first child from his school for autistic children to spell. He is so hardworking, kind, and passionate, helping others find their voice.

Matt Hayes "Hope Giver"

Described as a good friend, he encourages and gives hope every time he is around. He thinks of others all the time and helps however he can. Matt takes great pride in his courage. "I am not so afraid that I won't try."

Julia Griffith "The Perseverer"

She has long had a fire for advocacy, and is taking on that quest with great gusto! She takes pride in her refusal to give up on her hopes, goals, and dreams of becoming all she was destined to be. "I am strong."

Mitchell Robins "The Supporter"

He goes above and beyond in everything he does to be an advocate for autism and spelling. He writes an incredible blog mitchellslifewithautism.com, and goes out of his way to speak with new spellers, mentoring them.

Woody Brown "The Transcender"

His passion for learning is a daily inspiration. Working hard to transcend his challenges to be the best scholar and writer that he can be. "I find extreme gratification in that I am succeeding in the mainstream world."

Isaiah Tien Grewal "The Tireless"

Amazing, loving, hard-working, Speller and Advocate, Isaiah attained multiple college credits from Harvard Extension School. Described as a "role model," he is tirelessly working to pursue higher academics.

Divyesh Jain "The Loving Heart"

"A great guy with a loving heart." A passionate and ardent advocate for acceptance of S2C, not only a member of NLC, but an active participant in S&A. "Divyesh likes to lead S2C advocacy efforts from the front."

Caden Larson "The Path Paver"

"An unbelievable young man! He starts college this fall, being the first speller to enter this school. Paving the way for other spellers!" He takes pride in his "...ability to be the reason changes surround my friends."

Matthew McGugan "The Charming Poet"

Described as charming, handsome, funny, articulate, intelligent, and much more. "I don’t get described as autistic first but a person with many skills and possibilities." "I discovered that I am a good poet..."

Tom Stephenson "The Empathetic"

A good friend, loving son, and brother. The only speller at his school, incredibly smart, loves to communicate and is passionate about his right to have a voice; with pride in communicating empathy towards others.

Anshil Kumar "The Bright Light"

Anshil takes great pride in his blog and advocating for others like himself. "It is my mission to share my story with as many people as possible." Anshil is called a bright light in family and friends lives.

Joey Lowenstein "The Hurdler"

Described as funny, lighthearted, motivated, inspirational, with complexities that make him unique. Focusing on the simple joys to overcome the many burdens, Joey takes great pride in his ability to overcome hurdles.

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