2021 Dauntless

Javian Killian "The Confident"

A friendly mathematics lover, he is a smart and intelligent boy with lots of potential. Spelling only for a short time he has already made it clear he is more intelligent than we think.

Noah McSweeney "The Comedian"

Described as friendly, sensitive, and serious about his education. He works hard to overcome anxiety and stress to keep learning. He writes beautiful poetry on his letterboard, and loves to make people laugh.

Evan Zielinski "The Tribesman"

He is a remarkable young man who has great thoughts and works so hard everyday. He is described by family and friends as "Awesome" He believes he belongs to the greatest tribe of people. The Nonspeakers!

Shane Alvado "The Power-Lifter"

Described as amazingly patient, positive, intelligent, and hard-working. Taking great pride in spelling with teachers that believe in him. He also greatly enjoys power-lifting with his friends.

Logan Fair "The Wiseman"

Described as wise, extraordinary, humble, and empowering. "He is intelligent, thoughtful, with a good sense of humor." "...is far too wise for his age and helps him to understand life from a more balanced perspective.

Morgan Bellino "The Accomplisher"

Described as smart, happy, easy-going, and fun. "Morgan is an amazingly smart young man. He continues to persevere and gets better and better every day." Morgan takes great pride when "When we can accomplish something hard!"

Miguel Savedra "The Bittersweet"

"I am smart and handsome." Described as Grumpy and Handsome but sweet at the same time. Always serious. I like parties because of the cake and candy and I love being around my family and friends sharing in my own way.

Johnny Hood "The Funny Artist"

Described as funny & smart, and very dedicated. He is very creative, artistic and just learned to ride his bike. Johnny has only been doing S2C for a short time and has been able to show people how smart he is.

Dylan Lindemon "The Challenger"

Dylan has progressed so far and enjoys sharing his words of wisdom with so many people. He is smart, funny, inspirational and challenges both the nonspeaking community and the professionals to learn and grow.

Tholu Zulu "The Insightful"

Described as the noisemaker, with an excellent sense of humor, or the science nerd with good looks. He takes pride in his recently created blog. It is called Tholu's table and will launch soon.

Andy Van Schaik "The Challenger"

Described by family and friends as loving, funny, and one of a kind. Andy takes great pride in "Working as a super awesome dj schaik it up" and his "wicked cool long hair" As DJ Schaik it Up he has been throwing super coo...