2021 Influencers

William Tziavaras "The Standup"

He is an advocate through blogging and a pioneer, inspiring spellersto try newthings like standup comedy. He takes pride in learning to stay calm in difficult situations. "It has to be my greatest accomplishment to date."

Vikram Kumar "The Sensitive"

Described with a silent & sensitive persona, his typing has led to his expression that has been blessed with an affinity for verse to express what other non-speaking autistic individuals may be going through.

Ben Crimm "The Determined"

Kind, thoughtful, observant, and determined to achieve his goals. Taking pride in using his communication skills to advocate for himself and others, so they have autonomy and agency to live the lives they hope for.

Amelia Bell "The Good Finder"

Always supportive and understanding , and described as caring, thoughtful, "a really awesome friend and really smart. ...she finds the good in all things and makes me smile." She is most proud of her ability to persevere.

Emily Grodin "The Life Taster"

Motivated, determined, loves to travel, hike, and enjoy delicious food. "I am most proud of my educational accomplishments. Never thought college was an option for me, and I have completed most of my credits."

Elizabeth Bonker "The Missioner"

Not only flourishing at college, but she has dedicated her life to activism and advocacy for spellers around the world, helping others access communication. Described as dedicated to her mission: Communication for ALL!

Nicholas D'Amora "The Helping Cook"

Sensitive to respecting people with autism. "A person who changed all our lives. He showed us how to find our voice." Prideful in helping others find their voice. He also loves to cook.

Sarah Ackerman "The Compassionate"

Caring, motivated, and enthusiastic. "She is determined to be a strong advocate for the letterboard. It has changed her life." Taking pride in her compassion, determination, and all her efforts to advocate for nonspeakers.

Brielle Stewart "The Stunner"

Stunning, smart, and a great speller. "Brielle is one of the most faithful, kind, intelligent, encouraging and compassionate human beings I have ever met." Brielle has many talents but her musical ability stands out.

Nicolaas Paulsen "The Trail Blazer"

Doing excellent self-advocate work with his blog. He takes great pride in his blog, his silent voice, and the way his words help others. He was the first non-speaking blogger in Afrikaans in the world.

Nicolas Joncour "The Courageous"

Nicolas is a very determined person who likes to work together with others for a common cause. Described by family and friends as courageous, honest, and a strong advocate for nonspeakers.

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