2022 is Over. So What did I-ASC do?
By: Katie Taborga


Let’s start with practitioner training.

Since expanding the training in 2019, we have completed 29 training cohorts. Each cohort with at least 10 students. There are now over 300 S2C Practitioners across the globe encompassing 14 countries and 35 states.

But let’s focus on that big number, 300. Now let’s say each practitioner works with 15 new spellers per year, that’s 4,500 new spellers. So every trained practitioner truly helps expand the S2C community and makes a HUGE difference.

So what else did I-ASC do this year?

-I-ASC provided FREE educational materials for families, practitioners, CRPs, allies, and spellers! Every month, I-ASC has published lessons, motor hacks, blogs, and webinars. Did I mention they’re FREE?


-Continued annual events!

-Continued research that would prove competency, open up accessibility, and create a better world for nonspeakers.




-Expanded the Nonspeaking Leadership Council to 10 members.

What about the Spellers and Allies Advocacy Network?
S&A started 4 new advocacy campaigns, gave 24 presentations in total and, grew to:-37 members
-12 co-facilitators
-16 trained presenters





So what’s coming in 2023?




Katie was born and raised in Northern Virginia. She graduated from Shenandoah University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in digital marketing. She is particularly passionate about digital design and community involvement and seeks to use her skills to help create a more inclusive society.

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