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Inclusive Education Campaign

Access to meaningful education remains a challenge for nonspeaking people. A major obstacle is the lack of acceptance of S2C by public education entities. More generally, there is a widespread need for educators to presume competence. This results in our education being severely limited, despite our brilliant potential. With this comes significant challenges for future employment and further education, as well as profound frustration and long-term emotional scarring. It also perpetuates inequalities in socioeconomic status, with access to meaningful content and communication access only available in certain private schools and intensive homeschooling, often with private practitioners. 

Image Description: Speller Matthew Cramer spelling in his classroom

Our campaign aims to raise awareness of the need for change in how nonspeakers are treated in education. This includes informing diverse allies, professionals, and institutions about the positive impacts of S2C on our abilities to communicate and participate in education; the trauma and long-lasting ramifications of being denied education access; and the current, unacceptable status of education access for us. 

In spring 2021, we started with a letter-writing campaign, to allies, family, and friends. We will build momentum and work toward reaching professionals, educational institutions, and decision-makers. Through this campaign, we aim to shift misperceptions about our abilities, potential, and rights, and ensure a better future for young nonspeaking students.