Joel N

“I am proud to use a letterboard to communicate,” in front of 50 people, Joel spelled to advocate that nonspeaking need to be recognized as intelligent human beings. He is persistent. His words and actions remind others to be kind and useful.

Deepak George

Deepak was the first Speller in South Africa. His dedication and effort has paved the way for so many others. He’s known as a community builder and friend. “My ability to spell” is Deepak’s proudest achievement. “I'm energetic, nice and always listening.”

Brian Foti

Brian dreamed of an adult spelling community in Philly and brought it to fruition. He’s an advocate for nonspeakers, giving several presentations. He is proudest of his community and circle of support. Brian says he’s a goofy person with an open heart.

Marcus Bolande

Marcus lives far from other spellers, yet he blazed the trails in two different countries, Myanmar and Philippines. “a wise and observant young music lover, who always tries to overcome things. I am athletic and artistic, although my hands are unreliable.”


An advocate for nonspeakers that have not yet found their voices. He was the first South African speller to start an advocate blog for communication. He values friends, education, and being able to express himself and wants the same for other nonspeaking kids.


“My family would describe me as smart, stubborn and determined.” He does yoga and zumba online. He is making t-shirts with slogans so that people will understand that he and people like him have intact brains even though they don’t speak.

Leonardo Santana

People describe Leo as sweet and smart. He can understand and spell four languages: English, Spanish, Afriikan and Xhosa. Leo is helping bring S2C to South America. He’s proud of his sense of humor and ability with numbers.

Trevor Green

“Some might say I’m a laugh a minute. My great friends would say I’m thoughtful. I am always trying to grow and become a better singer, pianist, speller, and person.” He exemplifies a great friend and when I'm with him I feel good.

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