Voting 101

Your vote matters! When it comes to voting, you ideally want to support a candidate who has the same morals and ideals as you. Voting for specific candidates will not be an overnight solution to the problems you see in legislation but it’s the first step to having your opinion heard. Not only is it […]

Why I am an Advocate for Nonspeakers Like Me

Lots of people have communication issues they need assistance with. Nonspeakers and unreliable speakers like me need assistance through a letterboard or keyboard. We need to be taught by a trained professional to use these tools and we need access to communication at all times. My blog discusses learning to spell and the lessons I […]

The Realization of What Spelling to Communicate Brings to our Families

As I reflect on what Spelling to Communicate (S2C) has brought to our lives since we started in 2020, I continue to find myself eternally grateful. My husband and I have twin, almost 11-year-old, boys who are nonspeakers and spellers. We also have a 4-year-old, a 16-month-old, 2 dogs, and a cat, so, as you […]

What’s the Purpose?

Purposeful motor… we have heard the term but what does it mean? Why is it important? How does it help? To understand it we must first understand Praxis. Praxis is a smooth chain of motor actions based on a thought about something we want to accomplish. Guess what? This is something as small as taking […]

Choosing Lesson Topics

It’s a burning question that most of us had to answer from the time we entered school to the time we graduated. And when we tossed our caps into the air, we likely thought we’d never have to answer it again.  Then we got involved with S2C, and it started all over again. “What am […]

Legal Capacity and the Right to Communicate

I would like to talk to you about people who are not considered capable of making their own choices, because their disability prevents them from having their own acceptable desires. I see that the world needs to hear from those affected. The time I take to express my desire to live as a whole person […]

Getting Started with Spelling to Communicate

Getting started with Spelling to Communicate (S2C) can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task if it is something completely new to you. We, the S2C Practitioners, are here to help. The goal is for you to always feel supported. This could be through seeing a Practitioner in your area regularly, traveling to one for […]

C, R, and P

Communication and Regulation Partner (CRP), what is it? Many people think that it’s just the person holding the board, but it’s so much more than that. The communication piece is where you are holding the board, tracking the letters, prompting, and transcribing our words. Now, you might ask why it’s not just called a communication […]

Hopes for 2023

What does the New Year really mean? A new tax year? Getting in the habit of writing 2023 instead of 2022? Starting the same resolution for the 10th time? What if this year we change the way we think about resolutions. Hope. Inclusion. Understanding. Compassion. Patience. Love. Let’s shake things up this year and make […]

Lets Get Tasting

Does your speller tend to eat the same foods all the time? If so, this blog may be for you, and for them of course! Many apraxia bodies become habitual even if that’s not what the mind intends – the brain/body disconnect is at play here. Even the foods your speller eats can be loops, […]

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