Staying the Course

Guest Blog for I-ASC By Ethan Nagy  My harried sensory system finds solace in food. In learning instructive supports and how to keep my healthy and hearty gut biomes aligned, a friend told me I must cut sugar from my diet. I am grieving the loss of my sweets.  Only loss in my motor challenged […]

The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks!

In May of 2017, my life was forever changed by an S2C session with Elizabeth Vosseller. That was an awakening for everyone in my life. At the time I could never have envisioned that I would be able to write a book! It has been a labor of love. At long last I am excited to […]

Inclusion by Design

Have you ever visited a public place that is welcoming and makes you feel comfortable? In my experience as an autistic person, I find many public places not very welcoming. There are a lot of sensory overloading inputs and not many supports to deal with them.  I attended the Neurodiversity: Building Community and Rethinking the […]

Biases and how to avoid building the next stereotype

Donald Gray Triplett, the first person to be diagnosed as Autistic by Leo Kanner turned 77 in 2010. This was as recorded in the Oct 2010 issue of The Atlantic, ‘Autism’s First Child’. He is 87 this year. Leo Kanner came up with the classification, and diagnosis of Autism based on 11 case studies. Donald […]

You Go to Learn Mountains

Please try to get that the nothing is the birth of the new world that you get to create going to the mother who is asking you to just dare to kill the old ways that you get stuck in yes yes – please try to go to the gut that is sick of the […]

Disabled an Important Part of Who I Am

“My brother is a person with a disability. Not a disabled person,” this was the opening line of my 7th grade public speech. My parents taught me person first language with the explanation that we need to see that everyone is a person first before we talk about their disability. Today, twenty years later, I […]

Belief in Our Nonspeaking Autistic Selves

We are delighted to introduce our new friends Mark and Max Eati. This poetry writing, siblings from Minnesota type to communicate using FC.  Mark and Max joined us for our first Open Mic at the Neurolyrical Cafe and everyone was astounded by their deep and insightful poetry. They have honed their poetic writing skills through […]

Shifting Perceptions & Paradigms on Self-regulation

Over 20 years ago when I first began working in the field of autism, I learned the “gold standard” of interventions and naively thought that behavior could be easily deciphered, like a code that would give me hints as to what was going on with my autistic students. The lens through which I looked through […]


My son has been learning to spell to communicate for two and a half years and he is still not fluent. But even in the very first weeks, he showed us enough so that I knew he was “in there” and this dramatically affected his life. I’d like to share how using the boards is […]