Being An Advocate On The Nonspeaking Leadership Council

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Recently I was asked to join the Nonspeaking Leadership Council. It is a group of nonspeaking autistics from all over the country. We are advocates whose goal is to help change the perception of autism. To me, it was my biggest honor to date. I had to write a resume and cover letter and interview for the position. It was a big deal and anxiety-provoking for me.

How can I ever explain how this feels? For 24 years, I was not able to give a thought on anything, and now people are asking my opinion on things. Advocacy is my passion right now. When I was a child autism was not as common as it is now, and no one understood me. That included my teachers, therapists, and even my own family! Having an advocate would have been amazing, but no such luck. Having someone S2C, Spelling to Communicate, nonspeaking, nonspeakers, Autism, I-ASC, Speller, nonverbal, S2C, NLCto explain to my teachers, “just because he points to the green ball when you asked for the red one does not mean he doesn’t know his colors.” Or “if he says “no” verbally, it might be a motor loop and not his true intention.” This could have saved me from years of frustration. It is my goal to help others like I would have wanted. Who best than someone who understands completely?

Autistics are a diverse crowd. Some can talk, and some are silent. Some can be independent, and some will need help their whole life. I am always going to need help, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help others. Being an advocate for autistics who are locked in a silent world is a very important job, and I am ready for it!

Gregory Tino is a nonspeaking autistic who has been spelling on a letterboard to communicate since 2017. He is an advocate for other nonspeakers, presents at conferences, and aims to educate people on the incredible capabilities of people with autism.

Read about Gregory’s experiences and his advice for new spellers.  Find out more about Gregory’s book “The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks” or his blog The Autistic Mind Finally Speaks, Letterboards thoughts by Gregory Tino

The mission of I-ASC is to advance communication access for nonspeaking individuals globally through trainingeducationadvocacy and research. I-ASC supports all forms of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) with a focus on methods of spelling and typing. I-ASC currently offers Practitioner training in Spelling to Communicate (S2C)with the hope that other methods of AAC using spelling or typing will join our association

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