15 Strategies for the Preparation & Peace of Mind

15 Strategies for the Preparation and Peace of Mind of Nonspeaking People during the COVID-19 Epidemic Last Wednesday, Elizabeth asked me to attend the Disability Voices United webinar about emergency preparedness during coronavirus for disabled people and their families on behalf of I-ASC. It got me thinking about my family, nonspeaking people and their families […]

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The Life of Riley

The Life of Riley   Photo Credit: Joe Daly (@joedaly_ca on IG)  ~ the anthropomorphized experience of an Autism Companion dog,  living his best life in SoCal with an S2C Practitioner &  her two autistic sons ~  Well hello, everyone.  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Riley and I am a bonafide, certified […]

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Shifting Perceptions & Paradigms

Shifting Perceptions and Paradigms on Self-regulation   Over 20 years ago when I first began working in the field of autism, I learned the “gold standard” of interventions and naively thought that behavior could be easily deciphered, like a code that would give me hints as to what was going on with my autistic students. […]

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Anxiety: Don’t Worry, Know your Brain!

Anxiety: Don’t Worry, Know your Brain! Worry comes in all shapes and sizes and touches all of us in one form or another throughout our lives. We find ourselves wondering about routine decisions like what the best dinner option will be, or heftier concerns like how to afford tuition payments or manage a loved one’s […]

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