Feeling the Love

Feeling the Love: Brain Science is Relationship Science!   Whether you are a speller, parent, professional, family member, or friend, in the world of spelling to communicate, we can all agree on one thing: a supportive relationship ranks high on the list when achieving your goals on and off the boards. We all benefit from […]

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Co-Regulation: The Physiology of Trust

Co-Regulation: The Physiology of Trust Co-Regulation. This one word embodies a brilliantly complex interpersonal process that is oftentimes easily described, but not fully understood. Co-regulation is essential to interpersonal relating and connecting with others. In our everyday lives, each of us encounters this process as we navigate a multitude of interactions and situations. But what […]

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Coming of Age

Coming of Age with Autism By Matthew Lager TASH Conference – December 6, 2019 Matthew Lager is a nonspeaking individual who gave a presentation entitled “Coming of Age with Autism” at the TASH 2019 conference December in Arizona. In it he acknowledged with gratitude those that have supported him the past 18 years and describes […]

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Chaotic to Organized

Posted By on Jan 1, 2020 in Families,Motor,Nonspeakers,S2C

From Chaotic to Organized: Setting Motor Goals for 2020 Happy 2020! It’s the time of year when we all reflect on the previous year and consider how we can make the upcoming year even better. New year’s resolutions are often one way to set goals for ourselves in an effort to start off our year […]

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My New Life with Communication

Posted By on Jan 1, 2020 in Advocacy,Nonspeakers,S2C

My New Life with Communication Anna Napolitano, Nonspeaking Leadership Council, Advocate – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I am honored to share my story with the world. You stay tuned to have your mind changed about nonspeaking people. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Really the only thing you need to do is abandon the notion that people who […]

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5 Ways to Increase Accessibility During the Holidays

Posted By on Dec 12, 2019 in Families,Nonspeakers

Sometimes when our houses get filled with family and visitors or when we are running from one gathering to the next, it can feel like there is no time to slow down and create accessible moments for nonspeakers in our lives. I know this is true for me. Spelling to Communicate teaches purposeful motor** to […]

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Advocating for Love and Kindness

Posted By on Nov 11, 2019 in Nonspeakers

Ava, is a nonspeaking 7th grader, from Southern California who spells to communicate. During a lesson on inspirational street art, Ava began to create a campaign to spread kindness. She plans to begin this campaign with a series of signs to hang in her school and hopes to build upon this through social media. ~I-ASC […]

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