Michael Neff

Described as “the hardest working guy I know,” Micheal defines tenacity. “It took me a long time to learn how to use the letterboard, but I'm getting really good at it. I have lots I want to say, and I'm just getting started. Watch out!”

Mikey C

Mikey is incredibly smart and social. He is a groovy dancer, loving all music and it is a joy to watch his body move to music. Michael has tremendous stamina, grit and perseverance to stay in the game and work his body to do what he needs.

Gabriel R

People would describe Gabriel as caring, loving, compassionate and a really happy person. He loves singing in the classroom. He works hard to better himself with spelling and purposeful motor. Friends say he is incredibly kind.

Elliot Sylvester

A proud golfer who’s battle between brain and body never quits. Youthful, witty and playful. “Underneath this incessant scripting is a mind full of intelligent thoughts trying to find a way out my mouth. Oy, the frustration before the letterboard!”


Stephanie’s been spelling for a year and now accesses general education online. Spelling lets her share frustrations. She’s a good swimmer and is learning piano. She’s proud she learned S2C.

Keegan M

Keagan is one of the happiest and hardest working kids! He’s only 7 but has been practicing S2C for two years and he’s making incredible progress. His motor control, stamina, and accuracy have kicked into overdrive.

Sterling Sessions

Sterling’s proudest of his resilience and friends admire him for this quality. He’s happy, friendly, and kind of shy. Sterling is undeterred in his commitment to his goals. “I have not given up my faith through everything.”


Working hard to gain motor control for open communication. “I especially am happy with my progress on the letter boards, it's so challenging being able to really say what's been on my mind. I envision getting lots of opportunities in the near future.”


He has flourished on the boards. “I am now able to communicate with my family so they can better understand my thoughts, opinions, and struggles.” He was flexible during the pandemic, teaching Mom how to work with him.

DJ Creevy

DJ is one of the hardest workers around. After dedicated practice and tenacity, his communication is emerging. People admire his happy outlook and hard work. He loves music and has begun singing. Among DJ’s favorite pastimes are swimming and walking on the beach.

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