Elizabeth Vosseller, I-ASC Executive Director

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It’s their FUTURE, so get it right today! Best Practices

Practice makes permanent! Best practice is critical to ensuring the development of skills for spelling and other motor abilities that are replicable, transferable, and researchable. Trust is at the heart of the CRP relationship, our spellers are entrusting us to preserve the integrity of their autonomous communication and motor skills. Let’s get it right!

Elizabeth Vosseller is a native of Northern Virginia and is proud to call autism-friendly, Herndon, her hometown. Elizabeth has worked with individuals with complex communication and sensory-motor differences since 1995 in hospital, university and private practice settings. In 2013, she began using Assistive Technology to teach students the purposeful motor skills to Spell to Communicate (S2C). Teaching motor versus cognition to access communication, meaningful education and inclusion has been a game changer for nonspeaking individuals. “26 letters equals infinite possibilities!” Since witnessing countless nonspeaking, minimally and unreliably speaking individuals successfully communicate and learn through spelling and typing, Elizabeth and I-ASC are committed to ensuring ALL nonspeaking individuals have access to communication through training, education, advocacy and research. Elizabeth is honored to serve as the Executive Director for I-ASC.