Elizabeth Zielinski

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Elizabeth Zielinski

“How do you spell IEP?”

How do you best support your speller in school, now that you better understand their capabilities? Letter board users in U.S. public schools face extra challenges at the IEP table; because board use is routinely denied and few educational experts are well-versed in how to help you build a plan that includes them. Giving up is not your only option!

In this session, attendees will learn:

  •     How to frame your communication supports to align with protected rights
  •     The nature of “evidence-based practice” and how it can be used to help or harm your case
  •     Steps for shifting your IEP team’s mindset to a presumption of competence
  •     What to do – and NOT do – right away to start building a “speller friendly” IEP

Participants will receive take-home tools and tips that can be put to work immediately to improve your speller’s school-based experience, regardless of fluency level.

Elizabeth Zielinski
Founder and Lead Advocate

Elizabeth Zielinski is the founder and lead advocate of Virginia-based Commonwealth Education
Group, LLC; a special education consulting practice designed to bring together collaborative
teams in a variety of educational specialty areas toward the common goal of assisting families
with their student’s educational planning. Experts in the group include advocates, attorneys,
counselors, psychologists, and educators depending on the unique needs of the client.
Her work as a special education advocate assists clients throughout the United States
representing a wide variety of disabilities, with a special interest in complex communication
disorders. She has been trained by the leading organizations in special education; including
the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA), Wrightslaw, The Arc of the United
States, and the Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE); just to
name a few.
Her approach to advocacy is cooperative and respectful, and she operates from the belief that
the best dispute is the one you avoid – as long as your rights aren’t sacrificed in the process.
She brings a passion to her work that comes from parenting two sons with IEPs, one of whom is
unreliably speaking and has used Spelling to Communicate (S2C) since 2016.

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