Hopes for 2023

By Charlie Colligan

What does the New Year really mean? A new tax year? Getting in the habit of writing 2023 instead of 2022? Starting the same resolution for the 10th time? What if this year we change the way we think about resolutions.

Hope. Inclusion. Understanding. Compassion. Patience. Love. Let’s shake things up this year and make 2023 about these things. I’m not saying you can’t keep your traditional resolutions to better yourself but let’s shift our focus to bettering the world for all.

Even if someone doesn’t understand Apraxia and can’t wrap their head around S2C, they can certainly understand those words I listed. Let us lead by example. Let us include those that don’t include us. Let us love those that don’t love us. Let us have patience for those that don’t have patience for us. You get the idea. Maybe, just maybe, we will start to see a shift in the world by 2024.

Let us change the world with kindness and acceptance!



Charlie Colligan is a speller whose internal mantra is “kindness above all.”

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