Arun Chand

A brilliant mind who has jumped through hurdles of being underestimated. He’s “proud because I have special skills. I am great in math and I love science.” Arun is happy and lives to the fullest. “I love hockey and swimming. I love to travel especially to Hawaii.”

Matthew McGrath

A great friend and inspiration. He says people see him as silly but “I give them a lot of material!” He’s also “incredibly brave and strong.” He’s proud of his resilience and says, “I was chosen to be in the world to carry out a mission of love and forgiveness.”

Caoimh Connolly

“I am proud of myself for the things I can do even with a body that does whatever it wants! I am autistic but I am also a genius.” Caoimh is dedicated to building a spelling community in Ireland. He’s described as “lots of fun and a great guy.”

Tommi Edgar

Tommi was among the first New Zealand spellers. He is described as “Sunshine” and “incredibly patient.” Motor challenges have not deterred him. He has worked so hard to get where he is today on the letterboards. When not spelling, Tommi can be found swimming.

Colin Stein

Colin created a poem that he’s directing an artist to illustrate. He gave a graduation speech for his high school graduation. After many years of being on alternate curriculum, he has started college. “I love college! It makes me feel like I finally have freedom.”

Caden Rainey

Caden is known for his kindness, humor, and being a loyal friend. He is described as witty, strong, trustworthy, and loving. When you see his sly smile, you can count on a cheeky response! He’s creative, a talented artist and an expert on all things Stonehenge.

Noah Seback

Noah’s proud that he has “overcome the shame that kept me from being proud of being me. I’m more whole and like myself now.” He’s passionate about addressing trauma endured by spellers. “I’m an outdoors guy who’d like to visit all of the National Parks.”


Sofi is proud of her ability to “spell what I think” and wants others to have a voice too. She is helping grow the speller community in the Pacific Northwest. She is known as a good friend, adventurer, and a bit sassy! “ I ride my tandem bike with my mom.”

Mal Traudt

Mal is a kind and smart individual who wants to help others. He handles transitions like a champion. His smile brings joy to everyone around him and is always a positive presence. Mal is most proud of his ability to type his thoughts and is a zebra aficionado.


Tylar is known for his gentle patience and kindness. Friends describe him as kind and funny. Tylar is proud that he “sees the good in people even when they don’t understand me and make assumptions because I don’t speak well.” In the future, he hopes to study la...

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