Brent Sullivan

Known for his crocheted blankets, Brent has navigated life, and especially the pandemic, like a champ. Helped build a permaculture garden, an outdoor pizza oven, and is planting a fruit orchard. Brent has also purchased his own tiny home, a yurt!

Chandima Rajapatirana

Chandima is most proud of his work enabling other nonspeakers to find their voice. A poet and the author of "Traveler's Tales: My Journey with Autism" which was shortlisted for a Gratiean Sri Lanka's most prestigious award for English writers in Sri Lanka.

Anna Napolitano

Fierce, smart, and enthusiastic about advocacy. She says yes to new opportunities and is courageous in collaborating and engaging to ensure goals are accomplished. “I am most proud of overcoming barriers to getting a real education and going to college.”

Zekwande Mathenjwa

Zekwande is passionate about advocating for other nonspeakers. He says this is his life’s purpose. Described as happy and cheeky, his words are motivating and inspiring. He’s most proud he “overcame the odds of not being able to communicate.”

Joshua G

Joshua is a prolific poet and advocate. He loves going to the poetry nights and hearing his poems. He’s described as truly kind and loving. He enjoys new adventures and loves trees, the mountains, the ocean, going on hikes, surfing and horseback riding.

Nico Segrera

Family says Nic is a resilient, loving, super smart person. Nico says, “ I am super sarcastic, love life the way it is, possibly the luckiest human. For the record, the love for life was enhanced when I found a way to share my thoughts with my loved ones.”


“This life of mine is filled to the top with a million little things that might go unnoticed by others. I love math because I see patterns all around me easily. I’m a little noisy but I am always listening.” She started her own YouTube channel, Alexis’s Voice.

Damon Kirseborn

Talented with his words, passionate; conveying emotion and insight while inviting compassion and understanding from others. Presumes competence in his motor and learning processes. “I greatly connect with others. I play hockey, and have a good sense of humor.”

Jordyn Pallett

Jordyn is known for his insightful blogs in Jordyn’s Rocky Journey. He works to explain his feelings and challenges to improve understanding. He’s described as loving, hilarious, and giving. “I give of myself with no expectation of return of kindness.”

Benjamin Newport Breaux

“I am very proud to be an autistic who uses the letterboard to advocate for equal rights and opportunities for myself and others with disabilities.” Ben has earned a reputation as a leader and an activist. “I love math, music, and cheese.”

Ethan N

“Mighty E,” says “loving yourself needs to happen before S2C gets you ready to be heard. Mind and motor only merge in loving spaces.” Ethan doesn't let hardship deter him, “my too impulsive body needs love from outside and inside. Spelling is an act of self love.”

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