Motormorphosis Presents: I’ve Got Rhythm

…who could ask for anything more?

S2C, Spelling to Communicate, nonspeaking, nonspeakers, Autism, I-ASC, Speller, nonverbal, RPM,

Michelle Hardy

Learn how rhythm is processed in the brain, the impact it can have on sensory processing and motor control, and how it can be utilized to support regulation in your speller…all of which can lead to an increase in purposeful movement. As Gershwin’s lyrics indicate, with rhythm as an accommodation, who could ask for anything more?!!


Michelle Hardy is a published author and leader in the field of music therapy who works with individuals with neurodevelopmental differences. She has over 25 years of experience as a Board Certified-Music Therapist supporting her clients in sensory processing, sensorimotor integration, cognition, and communication to increase autonomy and motor control.


July 24th 1pm EDT

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