Jenn Montes

Outreach & Development Specialist

Jennifer is originally from Herndon, Virginia. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where she got her Bachelor of Social Work (BSW). During her undergrad, she worked with the disability community, HUD-subsidized housing communities, and non-profit work for those with mental illnesses. After being exposed to the inequalities, injustices, and unjust barriers that those individuals faced, she went on to get her Master of (M.S.W.) with a concentration in administration, planning, and policy practice. She wanted to use her passion of empowering individuals but also saw a great need for systemic change in the world. She joined I-ASC because she was inspired by their work to educate the public on the stereotypes involving the autism community. Jennifer said, “change is not an easy nor a fast process. Before advocating, we must address our own biases that have been instilled in us our entire lives. Non-profit work is not a quick fix, but a crucial part of the equation for change.”

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