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Kelley Howe & Katlyn Billue

Move Your Body, Be a Hottie
Join us for an interactive purposeful motor session to learn the dance to the summer anthem of the Spellerverse. In this session, we’ll burn up the dance floor while offering ideas to level up your motor coaching abilities.


Katlyn Billue is a registered Spelling to Communicate Practitioner with a background in Occupational Therapy working at Growing Kids Therapy Center in Herndon, Virginia. She also mentors Practitioners in Training for I-ASC. Since beginning to work within the Spellerverse 3 years ago, she cannot imagine a job more important than teaching the purposeful motor skills required for communication and autonomy. Her mantra is that every motor task can be accomplished if you break it down into small enough steps and find the right place to start. Let’s break those motor loops and focus on purposeful motor skills!

Kelley Howe is an occupational therapist and registered Spelling to Communicate practitioner living in Knoxville, Tennessee. In her private practice, Adroit Therapy Services, Kelley supports her neurodiverse clients by helping them access reliable communication and teaching purposeful motor skills for all aspects of life. Kelley was first exposed to Spelling to Communicate in 2016 while working as an OT in Tampa, Florida. Since then, she has shifted her focus to helping her clients achieve true autonomy through reliable communication. In 2021, Kelley joined the I-ASC Leadership Cadre and now serves as a Cohort Leader and Mentor.