Neurolyrical Cafe

The Neurolyrical Cafe gives nonspeaking writers a chance to showcase one of their strengths: authenticity. It is a space where they can feel free to be exactly who they are and to let their prodigious talents broadcast on a clear frequency. Together with Unrestricted Interest, a writing program, and consultancy dedicated to helping neurodivergent learners transform their lives through writing, the Cafe was opened. Our monthly partnership is an interactive celebration of writing, both professional and beginner. Each installment has a separate theme with guest readers, instructors, and opportunities for you to share your latest work and collaborate on a “Spellerverse” group piece.

The Cafe is a place where other zeniths are reached, not because people are competing with one another, but because they are cheering on each other’s most authentic selves. It is a place to commiserate, celebrate, instigate, and collaborate. We invite you to join us.

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