Noah Seback

Noah Seback is a nonspeaking autistic, self-advocate, and lived experience expert. He serves the nonspeaking community from his home in Atlanta, GA but seeks to reach the world with his message of hope for nonspeakers living with unnoticed and untapped potential, no communication access, and runaway emotions and bodies. Through his mentoring business, qUirk, he offers his services as a Peer Support Specialist to come alongside peers, family members, and support personnel. He draws from his personal journey, one of barely surviving to thriving, to partner with them as they navigate their own unique autistic path. Noah also advocates, encourages, and educates anywhere, anytime, to anyone who will listen. A longtime supporter of I-ASC and its mission, he is an I-ASC blog and SpellX contributor and was a co-presenter at Motormorphosis Picnic 2021. He is also a proud and active member of I-ASC’s Spellers and Allies Advocacy Network. He has authored articles for Autism Parenting and Exceptional Needs Today magazines, being voted Top Young Voice Contributor 2021 for the latter. His original poetry was recently included in THE ENDING HASN’T HAPPENED YET, a disability anthology, and he has been interviewed on multiple podcasts. Noah routinely collaborates with like-minded professionals across various disciplines, their outreach striving to open minds and hearts to the neurodiversity of nonspeaking autistics like himself. When Noah is not passionately pursuing well-being for nonspeakers, he is known to have a biting-but-all-in-fun sense of humor and enjoys connecting with friends, grooving to tunes, and reveling in the great outdoors. But he places family and faith above all.