Our Team

I-ASC is led by Nonspeaking Self Advocates, Practitioners, Families and Community Allies


Nonspeaking Leadership Council

The Nonspeaking Leadership Council (NLC) is currently comprised of ten nonspeaking people, over the age of 18 who are able to fluently and openly communicate. The Nonspeaking Leadership Council members will be paid to advise the Board of Directors, the Practitioner Leadership Cadre, and the I-ASC Staff.


Practitioner Leadership Cadre

I-ASC is also informed by S2C Practitioner consultants and administrators. These individuals were recruited into the Practitioner Leadership Cadre for their particular skills and expertise to help contribute to the content, infrastructure and practitioner training.


Executive Team

I-ASC is staffed by an Executive Director, a Deputy Director of Operations & Finance, and a Deputy Director of Digital Media & Marketing.


Board of Directors

I-ASC Board of Directors serves as a governance board to guide the operations, finances, and management of I-ASC. The Board of Directors will meet quarterly. The Board will be provided with input and guidance of the Nonspeaking Leadership Council.

I-ASC is also fortunate to have the support of families of nonspeakers and several pro-bono advisors, committed to helping build the organization and support the I-ASC mission of increasing access to communication for nonspeaking individuals through training, education, advocation and research.

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