Bryana Williams

Living in Atlanta and supporting non-speakers in Georgia and Nashville, Tennessee, Bryana Williams is a Speech-Language Pathologist and registered Spelling to Communicate Practitioner. She owns her own private practice and has, for the past two years, worked as part of the I-ASC S2C Professional Training Course as a mentor, Cohort Captain and continues to support I-ASC’s practitioner and CRP training initiatives through the development and improvement of training protocols. Bryana was introduced to Spelling to Communicate in 2014 during an outreach in Atlanta: “I immediately saw, over the course of just a few hours, students demonstrating their knowledge and communicative skills at a level that my traditional training had never allowed them to reach. I knew then that I had to change everything.” She subsequently has focused her career on learning from and with neurodiverse individuals, bringing her interests in teaching and communication to her current role as a member of I-ASC Leadership in expanding the professional training course and developing content.