Dawnmarie Gaivin

Dawnmarie Gaivin is a native New Englander who had the good fortune to relocate to California in 1999. The rest, as they say, is history. San Diego is now her home and has been for the past ten years. Working as both a registered S2C Practitioner in her private practice, Transcending Autism & Apraxia, and a grateful mom to two autistic teenage boys, Evan & Trey. Evan is a fluent speller and the inspiration for turning her career into teaching S2C to other nonspeakers. Prior to that switch in 2017 she was a DIR/Floortime therapist and an RN. Today at I-ASC Dawnmarie helps bring Assistive Technology expertise and is deeply committed to making spelling to communicate available to students far and wide. She is as passionate about advocating for the right to communication choice as she is with breaking down barriers to access to quality education for nonspeakers. “Einstein once said “You can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it” and Dawnmarie couldn’t agree more. “Our nonspeaking citizens, if left without an effective means of communication and education, are a vital untapped resource that can surely help make our world a better, more connected place. It’s our duty to help every student share their gifts with the planet.”

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