Monica van Schaik

Monica van Schaik lived in Montreal, Quebec for 10 years where she worked as a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) Consultant, specialized tutor for neurodivergent learners, and a disability rights community organizer. After discovering Spelling to Communicate her world changed, as she discovered the unheard voices of so many of her students. Not only did S2C trigger a drive to continue incorporating innovative techniques into her practice, it reinforced her passion for and belief in a world that embraces and celebrates neurodiversity. Monica recently relocated to Kitchener, Ontario to pursue a Masters in Social Work, during which she is researching how the neurodiversity paradigm changes the self perceptions of dyslexic adults, such as herself. Monica said, “My commitment is first and foremost to the nonspeaking community to ensure that I-ASC creates change with nonspeaking individuals not for them. I am so excited to experience a world in which more and more nonspeaking people have agency to influence, teach and inspire.”

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