Nurturing Authentic Communication with Responsibility and Respect

The relationship between Communication-Regulation Partners (CRPs) and nonspeaking individuals is built on trust and responsibility. As CRPs, we have the privilege of supporting spellers in expressing their thoughts and emotions through spelling and typing. Our support for nonspeakers includes helping them build purposeful motor skills, demonstrate knowledge and understanding, and accurately communicate their thoughts. Respecting […]

Um livro faz um quê maravilhoso? LIÇÃO

I had the pleasure of working virtually with the family of a 7-year-old over the past week, introducing them to Spelling to Communicate and giving them all the information they needed before their first session. One of the things that I will often talk to families about what we call “Littles” in S2C is taking […]

Pressupor que a competência, a confiança e a co-regulação são fundamentais

These are three things that I talk about before putting anyone in the CRP chair. Presuming Competence is critical! I’ve never seen a speller do well with someone who didn’t believe in their student, and it goes beyond merely presuming competence in their minds – though that is necessary. Because we know that speech is […]

Quem decide que vozes devem ser ouvidas?

Nonspeaking autistics who spell and type to communicate are increasingly being included in the wider community, to everyone’s benefit.  You can find them advocating for themselves and their peers with law enforcement agencies, at professional conferences, and with representatives of local, state, and federal government. They are changing the shape of college and university campuses, […]

O pior dos tempos e o melhor dos tempos

It was an emotional week.  The worst of times and the best of times, as Dickens might say. I watched two webinars sponsored by the Drexel University Department of Education that featured multiple presenters who doubt my method of communication – Spelling to Communicate.  It was titled “The Resurgence and Rebranding of Facilitated Communication and […]

Fundamente a sua prática em lições cognitivas!

Lessons help us for so many reasons! The lessons become a conversation with your speller, a chance to learn, share, and eventually discuss ideas. The best information comes from shared experiences, and lessons are a shared experience! Think about a conversation you’ve had with a friend about a book you both read or a movie […]


If you’ve come to Growing Kids Therapy Center in the last year for an out-of-town series of sessions, you’ve probably worked with me. Out-of-towns are actually one of my favorite things to do for a number of reasons. I love walking into a room on a Monday morning and not knowing what to expect, for […]

A perceção do que a ortografia para comunicar traz para as nossas famílias

As I reflect on what Spelling to Communicate (S2C) has brought to our lives since we started in 2020, I continue to find myself eternally grateful. My husband and I have twin, almost 11-year-old, boys who are nonspeakers and spellers. We also have a 4-year-old, a 16-month-old, 2 dogs, and a cat, so, as you […]

Seleção dos tópicos das aulas

It’s a burning question that most of us had to answer from the time we entered school to the time we graduated. And when we tossed our caps into the air, we likely thought we’d never have to answer it again.  Then we got involved with S2C, and it started all over again. “What am […]

Começar a utilizar a ortografia para comunicar

Getting started with Spelling to Communicate (S2C) can feel like a daunting and overwhelming task if it is something completely new to you. We, the S2C Practitioners, are here to help. The goal is for you to always feel supported. This could be through seeing a Practitioner in your area regularly, traveling to one for […]