Eye-Tracking Reveals Agency In Assisted Autistic Communication

An online study aimed at understanding the transformative effects of awe for autistic people.

It’s Ok If You Flap Your Hands

An experimental study investigating how non-autistic kids think about peers who engage in autistic-like behaviors.

HoloType-CR: Cross Reality Communication Training for Minimally Verbal Autistic Persons

Exploration of the CRP and Nonspeaker connections in the virtual world to pracrice the motor skills for spelled communication.

Parenting an autistic child is not associated with the amount of facial emotion information needed to perceive happiness or sadness from faces

An experimental study investigating how moms of nonspeaking kids perceive emotional information.

Experiencing Social Connection

Qualitative study of mothers of nonspeaking children and their experiences of engaging their children in emotionally reciprocal relationships.

Holotype: Lived Experience-Based Training For Nonspeaking Autistic People

Potential use of augmented reality to practice motor skills for communication.

Research in progress

Literacy In Nonspeaking Autistic Adults – Experimental research using an iPad game-style app, this study examines differences in speed for phrases vs. symbols or nonsense words.

Blind Single Word Receptive Vocabulary Study – Using a privacy screen, subjects will complete the PPVT to document comprehension of single-word vocabulary.

Quality Of Life Of Families Enrolled In Spelling To Communicate Therapy – Survey research examining changes and effects of communication in the lives of nonspeaking people.

Autistic Experience of Awe – An online study aimed at understanding the transformative effects of awe for autistic people.

Lexical-Semantic Decoding Measured Via Multi-Variate Eeg – Analysis of EEG changes in nonspeakers when presented with semantic fallacies.

Interactive AR Applications for Nonspeaking People? A Usability Study – Based training for nonspeaking autistic people- Potential for use of augmented reality to support communication, education, and inclusion in nonspeaking autistic kids and adults.

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