C, R, and P

Communication and Regulation Partner (CRP), what is it? Many people think that it’s just the person holding the board, but it’s so much more than that. The communication piece is where you are holding the board, tracking the letters, prompting, and transcribing our words. Now, you might ask why it’s not just called a communication […]

Spellers Being Held To A Higher Standard

It took me 25 years to find a way to communicate. It then took me another year to become fluent with my mother. Why does it take 5 minutes for a critic to decide that I am not capable of communicating my thoughts? For some unfathomable reason, spellers like myself are held to a higher […]


Being able to write this blog is something I have dreamed of my whole life. A lot of people doubt my intelligence, I now have the tools and confidence to prove them wrong and tell my story. My name is Divyesh Jain and I am an autistic who spells to communicate. I am an unreliable […]

What is S2C? A Spellers Perspective

If you’re following I-ASC on social media, you may have seen our new Trivia Tuesday posts, going back to basics and defining terms that have become so familiar to those of us who have been in the Spellerverse (the universe of all who spell and type to communicate) for a long time. The Spellerverse is […]

Aiming for Accessibility: Making school work more accessible for your speller

If you are a parent, friend, or practitioner that knows and loves a speller, it is almost certain that you have experienced the frustrations of public school and how to navigate academics with a letterboard. With assignments built for people who are speaking and can complete fine motor tasks with ease, it can feel discouraging […]

A Conversation on Letterboard Etiquette

I was working with Zach Scheu on the writing prompt and it turned into a conversation between him and Nico. Nico was in the room but working with a different CRP and ended up commenting on what Zach said. The whole conversation happened very organically so I just went with it.  I thought they both […]

Letterboard Etiquette – I-ASC the Experts

April 2022 – Imagine I-ASC is putting together a book on letterboard etiquette – what do they need to include? Another installment of our monthly blog feature, “I-ASC(I Ask) the Experts”. Our goal is to turn over some of the most frequently asked questions or issues to the true subject matter experts – the spellers! “The […]

Top Tips for Feeding the Brain

If you’ve been around the world of S2C long enough, you’ve likely heard an S2C Practitioner throw around the expression “FEED THE BRAIN!” But what exactly is feeding the brain? In short, feeding the brain means providing your student with age-appropriate engaging input!  Within the world of S2C, we are addressing MOTOR differences that affect […]

Getting to S2C Fluency

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with S2C Practitioner, I-ASC Leadership Cadre member, and overall superstar Debbie Spengler for the Getting to Fluency Webinar that was offered last month. (If you’re not familiar with these webinars, make sure to see our event page and follow I-ASC on Facebook and Instagram to take advantage of these […]

An Ideal CRP – I-ASC The Experts

February 2022 – What’s your idea of an ideal CRP? We have launched a new monthly blog feature called, “I-ASC(I Ask) the Experts”. Our goal is to turn over some of the most frequently asked questions or issues to the true subject matter experts – the spellers! “An ideal CRP is one who is congenial and […]