Seek Justice

Spellers & Allies Supports Black Lives Matter

In June 2020, following the death of George Floyd, we felt it was important to say something in support of the Black Lives Matters movement. We created a script and video collaboratively to express our support. Please share this widely for us. Change in attitude is required to bring everyone together to fight against injustice towards Black communities.

Take Action:

Please consider donating to one of the following organizations to support Black nonspeaking people. 

  1. The Black Lives Matter organization is actively spearheading the fight for racial parity. 

  2. The Autistic People of Color Fund works to empower autistic people of color. 

  3. Donation page: AWN Network(include a note indicating that the money is for the Autistic People of Color Fund in an email

  4. Autistic Black Students Matter Scholarship at Hirsch Academy

  5. The Innocence Project works to liberate wrongly convicted individuals and fight for criminal justice reform.

Learn More:

Please check out the following resources to learn more about the Black Lives Matter movement and the experiences of Black nonspeaking people. 

1. Black Lives Matter:

2. Black & Nonspeaking Reflection by Ben McGann:

3. Police Brutality and Disability/Neurodiversity: