Hey everyone! I want to take some time to talk about the holidays. While we often imagine the holidays are filled with cheer and comradery that may not be the case for your Nonspeakers. Sometimes family members that are visiting don’t know how to treat us. Sometimes we get ignored or talked down to. I wrote a song that talks to these family members about our experiences and things they shouldn’t do. I hope you enjoy it and share it. Without further ado here is my take on Silent Night.


Silent night, that’s a lie
I’m not deaf, do not yell
Get to know me by my words
Talk to me in normal tones
Don’t be ignorant, don’t be ignorant

Silent night just for me
Your family gossip is killing me
I see all, don’t you know
Talk to me in normal tones
Don’t be ignorant, don’t be ignorant

Silent night, I can’t speak
Does not mean I’m not smart
Do not talk down to me
I’m brilliant, that’s my art
Don’t be ignorant, don’t be ignorant

Silent night, I have my words
Merry Christmas through my board
Take the time to let me spell
I’ll respect you as well
Don’t be ignorant, don’t be ignorant

So besides sharing this song with your family members, what else can you do to prepare them to spend the holidays with you? One popular idea is to write a letter to your family members and friends to share information about you, how you would like to be treated, or a little about Spelling to Communicate, just to name a few ideas because what you include is up to you. Maybe you could have a talk with your CRP or parents and ask them to have a chat with the family members and friends before the holiday that you will spend together. Have them go over presuming competence and the brain/body disconnect. Lastly, you could share some blogs or videos from i-asc.org for them to get an opportunity to learn more about Apraxia and S2C. These are just a few ideas to prepare for the holidays to make them as enjoyable and memorable for you as possible. If you have any additional ideas, make sure to share them with your nonspeaking, minimally speaking, and unreliably speaking friends.


Jack Haynes is a nonspeaking advocate that enjoys sharing important messages through song. He is ready for the world to understand us. 





Katlyn Billue is an S2C Practitioner, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, and Mentor for I-ASC. She loves to advocate for nonspeakers and educate the public on apraxia, S2C, and presuming competence in both the brain and the body.

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2 responses to “Silent Holiday”

  1. Jonica Chittum says:

    We all read your blog and enjoyed playing your song in school today. Everyone was very entertained! We surely appreciate your words and melody. Putting the lyrics to Silent Night was ingenious! Thank you for taking the time to create this song for us to share with family and friends – Jonica Chittum, Excel 26 Autism Empowerment Center

  2. Tara Mc says:

    Yes, really nice idea to family educate. – Jake, 27 (spelling since age 18)

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