Tejas Rao Sankar

Tejas Rao Sankar is proud to be a part of the Nonspeaking Leadership Cadre at I-ASC. Tejas is a nonspeaking autistic who spells to communicate. He is a passionate advocate for the rights of autistic nonspeakers. In addition to being in leadership roles, Tejas advocates through creating memes and blogs and by making presentations to audiences on the issues faced by autistics like himself, and the change he wants to see in the world. Tejas co-founded www.crimsonrise.org with his peers. This was based on a desire to bring communication access to nonspeakers. To create partnerships with community organizations, recreation centers, and providers of services to autistics with the aim of getting them to presume competence in and welcome nonspeakers who communicate through spelling. Tejas is part of the leadership team at CrimsonRise. He provides mentorship to new spellers, CRPs, and Practitioners in Training. Tejas spearheaded peer-to-peer counseling to provide counseling and regulation support to nonspeaking autistics based on his lived experience. Tejas has been a part of I-ASC’s Spellers & Allies, since its creation. This is a network that works to bring advocacy to spellers’ causes. Tejas has been a panelist presenter at conferences such as Innovations in Education in Atlanta, USA, and with I-ASC to international audiences. Tejas blogs include these with Neuroclastic and Learn from Autistics.

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