Motormorphosis Presents: The Elephant in the Nonspeaking Room

Listening to Emotions, Boundaries and Trauma

S2C, Spelling to Communicate, nonspeaking, nonspeakers, Autism, I-ASC, Speller, nonverbal, RPM, Motor, Motormorphosis

Noah Seback & Keri Delport


This presentation explores how lived experiences, emotional well-being, trauma, and boundaries intertwine for the nonspeaker.  We will discuss the importance of opening communication to talk about these… to have hard and uncomfortable conversations. Opening communication and spelling is a skill nonspeakers work hard at… and allies must work hard at the skill of listening, of sitting with their own discomfort so that they can support on levels that move beyond the boards…to face the elephant in the room… 


Noah Seback is a nonspeaking autistic who from his home in Atlanta, who intends to reach the world with his message of hope for nonspeakers plagued by trauma, runaway emotions, and bodies. He is a self-advocate and lived experience expert soon to launch qUirk, his business as a peer support specialist. Check him out soon at quirk, and his blog at


Keri is an ally and advocate for nonspeakers. She is a South African living in England, an S2C PIC and Trainee Counselling Psychologist finalizing her applied doctorate with a particular focus on and interest in the experiences of non-speaking autistic adults and how these may guide psychotherapeutic practice. When not buried under books or seeing clients, Keri enjoys endurance triathlon as her purposeful motor focus.


July 24th 1pm EDT


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