Ian Nordling

Ian has been Spelling to Communicate since 2014(?). He loves to learn, has a strong work ethic, and is a passionate self advocate. Ian has taken part in coursework at The University of Virginia, as well as George Washington University. He seizes any opportunity to further his education, and continues to feed his hunger for knowledge by taking courses at GKTC and online.

Ian is a founding member of I&I guys, a small business and self advocacy group, where he oversees production and serves as the community liaison. He recently served on the Town of Herndon’s ‘Youth Advisory Council’, alongside his neurotypical peers. He also worked alongside local law enforcement, first responders, and community officials to provide them with a pamphlet guideline on how to interact with autistics. Ian is passionate about inclusion and acceptance, as well as the access to meaningful communication. He is excited to be a part of I-ASC

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