Training for Practitioners

I-ASC offers an S2C Practitioner Training Program designed to prepare practitioners to develop communication skills via spelling for individuals with sensory-motor differences affect that affect the use of speech as a primary means of communication. Through the acquisition of practiced, purposeful motor skills, individuals are able to learn the skills necessary to spell on successively more complex letter boards and keyboards leading to the goal of independent typing. Spelling to communicate leads to greater access for inclusion in education, community, and employment.

This six-month training program features instruction from highly skilled and experienced S2C Practitioners. Students will receive support from one assigned S2C Practitioner Mentor as well as additional faculty, tailored to support the development of skills with a variety of clients over the course of the six months. Students can expect to graduate level work in terms of effort, feedback and time commitment.
Successful participants will be qualified to become registered S2C Practitioners having successfully demonstrated the competencies and skills required to support the communication and unreliably speaking individuals of all ages and profiles.
If you are interested in applying for our training program or have any questions, please contact us at

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