Training FAQ’s

How often is training offered: The program is based on rolling admission. Therefore, as a cohort fills it is scheduled to kickoff. Traditionally, applicants are grouped together based on what time zone they are in, ie. Eastern vs Pacific time zones, etc. 

How to apply: The application is online and requires the submission of a resume/cv and a video (short 1-2 minutes, describing how you plan to use your S2C Practitioner Training upon completion). To get a link to the S2C Practitioner Training Application, email 

What part of the training is online versus live: The kickoff weekend, evening seminars, lesson, and knowledge video assignments are all online. Practicing S2C with nonspeaking people and internships are in person. 

How many clients must a practitioner in training work with: Every practitioner in training must work with multiple clients. A minimum of 3-5 different clients must be worked with while completing training. Parents/relatives can only submit 1-2 clinical assignments spelling with their own nonspeaker.

Mentoring: All participants will be assigned to a primary mentor practitioner. The mentor will guide you through your practitioner competencies, answer questions, and review videos and lessons. All mentors are graduates of the training program and active registered S2C Practitioners. 

Cost: The cost of this program is $3,000.00 USD.  Additional costs can include, purchase of letterboards as well as travel costs surrounding the internship. Upon acceptance to the training program, financial assistance and payment plans can be discussed. 

How many hours a week can I expect to dedicate to this program: We generally say that a student will work 5-10 hours per week on this program, depending on what assignments are due and if it is a seminar week. 

Outcomes: Successful participants will be qualified to become registered S2C Practitioners having successfully demonstrated the competencies and skills required to support the communication and unreliably speaking individuals of all ages and profiles. Successful completion also entitles individual access to our member-only Practitioner Portal for continued learning and collaboration after graduation. 

Qualities of a good S2C Practitioner: There are many qualities that go into being a successful S2C Practitioner, among them are a strong curiosity and love for learning. 

Are there any background requirements:  While there are no specific prior experience requirements to apply for the training program, most candidates have some connection to the disability world and many applicants have a background in education or clinical work. We are happy to consider your application and when appropriate will refer you for additional preparation before accepting you into the cohort. 

We often receive applications from parents who wish to become S2C Practitioners.  For those parents who do not have hands-on experience in education or clinical background, we find that they fare far better by taking the S2C Parent Cohort before taking on the rigors of the Practitioner training program.

What has changed due to COVID-19: Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are currently front-loading all the academic components to the program and saving the internship and clinical competencies that involve working with clients till the end of the 6-month program or when the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in a given area.