Feeling the Love

Feeling the Love: Brain Science is Relationship Science!   Whether you are a speller, parent, professional, family member, or friend, in the world of spelling to communicate, we can all agree on one thing: a supportive relationship ranks high on the list when achieving your goals on and off the boards. We all benefit from […]

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The ABC of S2C = AAC!

The ABC of S2C = AAC! Did you know that here in the US we have a national position regarding disability?  It’s true, and actually we’re not alone.  Most of the 150+ countries who are members of the World Health Organization do as well.1  Thankfully the United States has publicly confirmed our position in the […]

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Growth Mindset

Posted By on Nov 11, 2019 in Research

Changing Our Brains: How Cultivating a Growth Mindset Builds Resiliency Have you ever stopped to notice your inner dialogue when you’ve been struggling for a while with a difficult task or problem? What messages do you unconsciously start telling yourself when success evades you despite putting forth your best effort? According to renowned Stanford Psychologist, […]

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