Giorgena Sarantopoulos

Giorgena Sarantopoulos resides in Toronto, Ontario, where she was a legal professional for more than twenty years. That all changed when her eight-year old son’s voice was revealed through spelling. She has dedicated the past three years of her life to building her son’s capacity to communicate, and discovering and amplifying the voices of other nonspeaking individuals. Giorgena is passionate about inclusion in the schools and in the community, and is excited to learn more about Augmentative or Alternative Communication(AAC), and advocacy for the diverse population of individuals for whom speaking is not their primary means of communication. Giorgena brings more than twenty years experience in the legal field to IASC’s standardization initiatives. Giorgena adds “The thing that excites me most about I-ASC is that more and more lives will be changed by high quality S2C. Through high rigorous training and the development of standards for best practice, I-ASC aims to ensure high quality support for both nonspeaking individuals and their families.”

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