Deborah Spengler

For the past 20 years, Deborah Spengler has worked as a therapist and supervisor in the Los Angeles area supporting clients and families. In 2012, one of her nonspeaking students helped her see what was possible when someone who many believed had little to no understanding, could meaningfully communicate through S2C. Since then, Deborah has used an integrative approach with a focus on relationships to help her clients successfully build communication and thrive in the classroom, home, and community. She is particularly passionate about education and inclusion, and seeks to broaden the current understanding and perspective of individuals who do not communicate via traditional means. Deborah states, “We can no longer accept that so few have access to meaningful communication; I-ASC is an organization uniting individuals and resources who are leading the way in increasing public understanding and communication access through research, education, and training.” As a member of the I-ASC leadership cadre, Deborah applies her experience to help I-ASC develop standards of practice and training and create resources for inclusion support.

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