My New Life with Communication

My New Life with Communication Anna Napolitano, Nonspeaking Leadership Council, Advocate – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I am honored to share my story with the world. You stay tuned to have your mind changed about nonspeaking people. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. Really the only thing you need to do is abandon the notion that people who […]

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The ABC of S2C = AAC!

The ABC of S2C = AAC! Did you know that here in the US we have a national position regarding disability?  It’s true, and actually we’re not alone.  Most of the 150+ countries who are members of the World Health Organization do as well.1  Thankfully the United States has publicly confirmed our position in the […]

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“MOM THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME LIVE MY LIFE NOW” My son has been learning to spell to communicate for two and a half years and he is still not fluent. But even in the very first weeks, he showed us enough so that I knew he was “in there” and this dramatically affected his […]

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5 Ways to Increase Accessibility During the Holidays

Sometimes when our houses get filled with family and visitors or when we are running from one gathering to the next, it can feel like there is no time to slow down and create accessible moments for nonspeakers in our lives. I know this is true for me. Spelling to Communicate teaches purposeful motor** to […]

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